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IT Equipment Cleaning

You have a lot of IT equipment. At Techmax24, we have experience working with companies of all shapes and sizes.

We also have worked with some of the finest IT equipment on the market. This allows us to have a unique understanding of how the equipment operates and what’s needed to clean it.

Techmax24 specialise in the cleaning and sanitisation of all IT equipment including PCs, telephones and general peripheral pieces; printers, laptops, EPOS, copiers and server hardware. Further, we have equipment and trained professionals who maintain ISO standards. This delivers peace of mind to you knowing that we know what we’re doing.

In-depth cleaning on your IT equipment makes a big difference in efficiency. Over time, dust, metal particles, and more can get inside your equipment.

Hygienic working environments are harder to achieve than imagined. Bacteria are more easily passed between employees with the increase in open plan workspaces and hot desking.IT devices such as telephones and desktop equipment, as well as networked tools such as photocopiers and printers, are major sources for transforming harmful bacteria.

We will clean all of this to improve the atmosphere. This will allow the equipment to work at a higher level – and support your business more effectively at the same time. Contact us today to find out more.