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Specialist Data Center Cleaning

At Techmax24, we are highly trained to provide data center cleaning like no other.

We’re able to meet your cleaning standard requirements to ensure that dust and other contaminants are removed from your data center. This ensures that your IT department continues to run flawlessly.

Otherwise, you run the risk of downtime because of a server being affected by a less-than-clean environment. We are sensitive to your company’s assets and we take pride in all that we do. Our comprehensive cleaning services are customisable to ensure your company’s needs are met every step of the way.

Data centers are sensitive because of the advanced electronics that are housed within the room. The specification is based on ISO 14644-1 Class 8 which is the international standard for clean rooms, clean zones and controlled environments and currently deemed best practice for the cleaning of the data centre or comms rooms.

This delivers peace of mind to you knowing that your data center is in good hands. Request a call-back from one of our professionals today to schedule your data center cleaning.